Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bib ~ DIY
northwest arkansas photographer

Here is my first DIY project for February. It came about when I realized
that I didn't have enough bibs and couldn't find any I really liked out
shopping. I had some left over fabric remnants from making burp cloths
for Owen and all I had to buy was the plush cloth for the backing and
some velcro.

Sorry for not documenting this, I finished them before realizing I could
blog the process. I copied the pattern from a bib I already had. So, these
are all after shots and they have even been washed and warn several times

I recommend getting fabric with lots of pattern and colors to hide all the
stains they will surely get. I'm finding that carrot stains pretty bad, next
to banana which is the absolute worst! I got the dot plush at Hobby
Lobby on sale, I think I spent $3 and got 1/3 yard of each white and

I overlocked the edges because I couldn't be bothered to stitch, then top-
stitch the edges. I knew this way would be the fastest and easiest. Then
I just topstitched the velcro or hook and loop tape to back of the bib.
Next time I'll get the flat version. The regular velcro/hook and loop gets
caught on the overlock stitching, so I have to be sure an connect them
before the go into the wash.

Hope you like!
Bachelorette Sash ~ DIY
northwest arkansas photographer

So, my best friend is getting Married! I'm extremely excited for her, but
due to my new station in life (breastfeeding momma) I'm wasn't able to
attend the festivities in Vegas last weekend!

When Aimee (the festivity coordinator) asked me if there was any way I
wanted to contribute to the weekend even tho I could not attend I asked
if it would be okay if I could make the sash. She said "Sure".

So, here you have it. I contacted my friend Regan at Sewing~a~Seed to
do the embroidery for me, she did a fab job and got it back to me
super fast which was great because I'm a horrible procrastinator.

I picked up this feather hair piece, pin thing in Hoppy Lobby's wedding
section and added some beads to it and pinned it to the shoulder of the
sash. I sewed the beads onto the feathers, but I'm pretty sure a glue gun
would have done a better and faster job. I was a bit of a pain. I'm not sure
what the trick is to doing this part.

I had Regan add the wedding date to the back of the sash. One of my better

Love you Jaya! Can't wait for your wedding!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Marina & Finley
northwest arkansas photographer

Ok, so - as I was working Marina & Fin's 2011 holiday post I
realized that I never posted their blog from 2010.

We met up in one of my have places to shoot - Downtown
Rogers, then we just had fun goofing off. Here are some of
my favorites

You can see more from Marina and Finley from over the years

Marina & Finley
northwest arkansas photographer

Here is another "better late than never" blog post from this
last holiday season.....

This is my third year to work with Marina and Finley on their
Holiday portraits! I love seeing what they come up with every
year! Always something fun!

You can see more from Marina and Finley from over the years

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sophia ~ Newborn
northwest arkansas newborn photographer

Sophia was such a sweet heart on the day of her newborn session.
I got a lot of cute smiles out of her. Here are my faves.

Proud Big Sis!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Lance Family
northwest arkansas photographer

This is the Lance family's session from this last fall.
Be sure to check out Regan's blog here.