Friday, April 30, 2010

Michelle & Nate ENGAGED!
Ok, so Michelle and Nate are a pretty cute couple, especially when they come
all prepared for their engagement session with not only Balloons, Bottles
of Coca Cola but a Mini MG - I mean really! I'm totally not kidding.
We are really looking forward to their wedding this October at the
Rogers Little Theater in Downtown Rogers.

We had a really great time with you guys!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Trash The Dress

Ft. Picken's Florida

Ok, so this is kind of a long silly story - so bare with me. When Adam and I got married I wore my mom's dress. I tried her dress on when I was 15, loved it and always knew that that was the dress I was going to wear when I got married. So when Adam and I started talking about getting married, my mom mailed the dress to me and by this time the dress was 44 years old and had turned a very ugly color of yellow. I sent it off to Connecticut to have it cleaned and all the yellow removed. I wasn’t sure if the dress was going to fit or look ok etc, so my friend Meredith gave me an Anne Barge dress (that's a whole other story) as a backup. I did the alterations to my dress along with the help of my friend Jaya, needless to say I got my mom's dress to fit and it looked great. Our Wedding Photographer's Website. I was wanting to do a trash the dress with the Anne Barge dress and in telling my friend Meredith what I was thinking about doing with the other dress I could see she wasn’t a fan of the idea so I gave the dress back to her.

I'm a pretty thrifty girl who loves vintage things (hence the mom's wedding dress) and shopping. So, one day not long after our wedding I'm in Helping Hands (our local thrift store) and there is Meredith's Ann Barge Dress!!! I bought it on the spot! The Trash the dress was back on!

Fast Forward to April 2010 almost 2 years after our wedding - we got to do the Trash The Dress. Adam and I were in Florida to shoot Cortnee & PJ’s wedding (pics to come really soon!) so I talked Michelle into shooting our session. Michelle White of Michelle Lee Photography –aside from being an amazingly talented Wedding Photographer, I get to call her one of my closest friends. Michelle and I go way back – like middle school back. We used to go out and shoot together in high school and hang out in the darkroom, so I feel really comfortable being in front of the camera when I know she is the one behind it! Here is the link to our Engagement Session that she shot.

We went out to Ft. Pickens in Pensacola – I had not been out there since Sophomore Year in High School – to shoot the session. I picked up a veil from Hobby Lobby. Made some cute flowers to sew onto the dress curtsey of Martha Stewart Living. Then had a bouquet made from the fabulous Nouveau Flowers in Grayton Beach. I was ready and could not be happier with the results. Go check it out!

A blog is always better with a picture!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tea Time with the Brown's
This is part two of a three part photo session with Amy
and her family for her CD release later this year.
Here are some of my favs!

And now for something different.....
I really enjoy it when the session runs over
into nighttime and the flash comes out!